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The Paragon Group can assist your agency with assessment and evaluation of both the clients you serve and the programs you implement. We have the capacity to train your staff in a variety of client assessments, ranging from the LS/CMI to various desistance-based change scales. Out team has expertise in the use of mixed method research, allowing us to  offer utilization focused evaluation to ensure program fidelity.  

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Be introduced to  the emerging theories of desistance & their applications for your populations.

Speaking Engagements

The field of Corrections has been moving toward an evidence-based model for years. Yet many professionals may not fully appreciate the evolution of evidence-based practices or have an appreciation of where the next frontier of EBP will take us. Namely, to the study of desistance from crime.  Many human service professionals, from social workers, to legal professionals to mental health professionals and even educators, may have only a loose understanding of Evidence-Based Practices in use today in the field of corrections. To fully understand and appreciate the theories that will be presented, participants will first be exposed to an array of criminological theories, which have to this point culminated in the Risk-Needs-Responsivity model of offender supervision.  The R-N-R model of supervision is utilized in the vast majority of correctional agencies around the world. It is indeed considered the gold standard of client reintegration. Yet, it is not without its detractors. Critics note that because by its very nature, it is a risk aversion model. That is, practitioners are taught to detect and address client risk factors in order to facilitate client change. It is therefore viewed by some as a deficit-based approach to change.

 Mr. Arvidson can craft anywhere from a 90 minute to a full day training event for your agency to learn more as to the emerging theories of desistance and where they fit with our current R-N-R model.       


If you wish to move your agency beyond the RNR model, and infuse the emerging desistance models into your future practices, the Paragon Group can assist in this endeavor. We can educate, train and build a model of supervision which will build on your existing practices and merge them with the strength based theories of desistance.     

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Janina Cich- CJ Program Director/COO The American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies

Joe Arvidson is a dynamic and engaging Professor and Expert Presenter, providing key strategies based on research and practical application that resonates with human service professionals. His delivery style is that of focusing on the audience's needs, using a variety of techniques for audience engagement and connectivity, real-world, actionable tactics, and out-of-the-box thinking strategies. Joe is a genuine leader and change agent.    

Dr. James Bonta- Corrections Consultant, Co-Author of The Psychology of Criminal Conduct.

 I have known Joe over the past few years corresponding with him over the  importance of the Risk-Need-Responsivity (RNR) model of offender  assessment and treatment. During our discussions he has shown clarity  and enthusiasm in his approach to RNR. More recently, Joe has completed  certification as an LS/CMI Master Trainer. This is a rigorous process  involving writing both a theory and knowledge test and submitting videos  of his training of the LS/CMI. Joe performs at a very high level of  expertise.  

Jason Mereness, MA- Community Corrections Supervisor & Adjunct Faculty member

Joe brings energy, passion, and a second-to-none correctional  understanding to every room he enters. Very few individuals can match  Joe's evidence-based professional understanding. I can trust that Joe is  always willing to talk through anything. While others get caught up in  being "right", Joe prefers to be informed. As a kindred-spirit, I  greatly appreciate this type of approach; especially when it comes to  providing peers, clients, families, and the community with the best  possible outcomes. Joe is one of the elite! 

LuAnne Buck, Director of Corrections Programs at RS Eden.

 Joe is an exceptional trainer on Evidence Based Practices.  He recently  facilitated a 90 minute presentation on Desistance from Crime Theories  to RS EDEN Corrections Leadership team.  An excellent training providing  us additional Evidence Based tools to use when working with our  clients.  I highly recommend Joe for any of your training needs.