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Desistance Advocate and Theorists

The study of desistance from crime examines why individuals exit their life of criminal offending. In relation to other fields of study in the arena of criminology, the body of knowledge is limited, yet growing, making it an exciting time for inquisitive criminal justice practitioners to learn of this fascination school of thought. The Paragon Group can help with publications, a webinar and speaking engagements for you or your agency. 

Experienced Adjunct Faculty

Our Executive Director has been an adjunct faculty member at two Minnesota Universities, teaching on the graduate and undergraduate level since the year 2000. The Paragon Group blends real world criminal justice experience with seasoned pedagogical discernment.

Evidence Based Practices

The Paragon Group puts a premium on the value of empirical evidence in criminal justice decision making. From the risk-need-responsivity principle, to an array of cognitive behavioral interventions, to knowledge in the emerging field of desistance theory, the Paragon Group takes pride in the acumen they posses as to Evidence Based Practices.

Training and Consulting

Master trainer of the LS/CMI, assessor of the DRAOR-P, facilitator of variety of cognitive behavioral interventions

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