- Assessor of the DRAOR (Dynamic Risk Assessment for Offender Reentry)

Mr. Arvidson has been published and spoken extensively on the topic of desistance.  His passion for better understanding desistance correlates lead him to the DRAOR, and its prison counterpart, the SDAC -21 (Structured Dynamic Assessment for Case Management).  Mr. Arvidson is trained in the administration of the SDAC 21 and can assist with your training needs.  

- Master Trainer of the LSCMI (Level of Service/Case Management Inventory)

The R-N-R model is at the corner stone of all reputable Corrections agencies. Mr. Arvidson is one of a small group of individuals to be sanctioned by Multi-Health Systems to train staff to become LS/CMI trainers.  He can also assist with training needs as to training your staff to administer the tool as well.   

- Facilitator of Cognitive Behavioral Interventions for Offenders Seeking Employment

Trained by the esteemed University of Cincinnati’s Corrections Institute (UCCI), Mr. Arvidson routinely facilitates this CBI program for justice involved individual who are seeking employment.  He understand the holistic approach this program takes toward the reintegration process.  

- Facilitator of Aggression Replacement Training (ART)

Although most of his experience is with an adult population, Mr. Arvidson is trained to facilitate ART. This is a researched based approach for working with challenging youth, developed by Dr. Barry Glick and Dr. John C. Gibbs.  

- Facilitator of Thinking For a Change, Integrated Cognitive Behavior Change Program

Mr. Arvidson also facilitates groups of Thinking for a Change (T4C), an integrated cognitive behavioral change program. T4C incorporates research from cognitive restructuring theory, social skills development, and the learning and use of problem solving skills.  

- Chemical Use Assessment-Rule 25 Trained

To better understand the role that substance abuse plays in the journey to recovery for justice involved individuals, Mr. Arvidson underwent the training portion of the process to become a chemical health assessor.  Although not currently certified as an assessor, he believes this knowledge base serves him well since this is an integral part of the population he deals with.   

- Train the Trainer Boot Camp

The Bob Pike Group is an internationally recognized cadre of master trainers.  To further advance his skills as a facilitator and trainer, Mr. Arvidson completed their 3 day Train the Trainer Boot Camp. 

- Trained in the YLS/CMI 2.0 (Youth Level of Service Case Management Inventory)

To better understand and expand his knowledge of the LSI family of assessment tools, Mr. Arvidson was trained in the assessment of the YLS/CMI 2.0.     

- Trainer of Motivational Interviewing

Engagement is critical in any therapeutic relationship. Mr. Arvidson understands this, and as such became a trainer of Motivational Interviewing as developed by William Miller and Stephen Rollnick.